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Rental Program -

Pallet Rack Moving System:

                                 Equipment:                                                      Pricing:                         

LD 5-Bay Kit  - components included:

    • Twelve (12) LD Skates
      5,000 lbs. capacity ea.
    • Three (3) pairs of Lifting Brackets
    • One (1) 48" Lifting Bars
    • One (1) Bottle Jacks




                    Shipping Info:                    

FOB:                   Zip Code:  98391
1,200 lbs. (Dims: 42"w x 48"l x 48"h)

                                                     General Rental Information:                                           

Required Deposit:
Deposit via credit card is required to reserve and/or initiate the rental of equipment. The deposit must be received prior to releasing the equipment for shipment. The deposit may be up to 1/2 of the estimated rental fee or the "Daily" rental fee, which ever is greater.

All costs incurred for the transportation of the rental equipment, both to the Renter and the return to the "Owner" (the PR Skate, LLC), are solely the responsibility of the "Renter". The PR Skate will ship via the carrier of its choice. The PR Skate, LLC will pass on the shipping and handling costs to the "Renter" on the final invoice.

The "Renter" may option to arrange and pay shipping / transportation costs directly via the carrier of their choice.  The "Renter" must provide the shipping information, bill of lading, and tracking information if the "Renter" arranges shipping.

Rental Period:
The rental period will begin once the equipment has arrived at the intended destination of the "Renter".  Once the equipment has been picked up for shipment back to owner and tracking information has been given to the Owner, the rental period will end.  Transit time for shipping is not calculated  into the "Rental Period".

Product Manual:

Contact us to reserve equipment for your next project.


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